Planning a Vintage Baby Shower

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “what’s old is new again”. A new baby shower theme is to have a vintage feel to it. What is vintage, you ask? It’s an old-fashioned feel to it. You can create a vintage baby shower theme easily with these ideas. To get the vintage feel you have to be in an old-fashioned mind-set. So what would be old-fashioned? Let’s start with some food and drink ideas.

Beverages – Think of serving beverages to your guests in glass milk bottles or mason jars. Complete this look with striped, paper straws. Serve iced tea, lemonade or just water with lemons to your 1

Food – If you’re looking for an authentic vintage menu, you can find some interesting recipes and menus on However, after perusing through some of the menus, I’m not sure if your guests would appreciate some of the fare on them. So use them as a guide to serve your meal. The easiest way to have a vintage menu is to incorporate certain elements that you like. Some menus start with a fruit cup, while others start the meal with soup. Bread pudding seems to have been a popular dessert option. As for the main course, you will need to decide on the meal based on whether you’re hosting a brunch, lunch or dinner.

Decorations – There are so many options for vintage baby shower decorations. Bird cages, old-fashioned prams or cradles, lace, doilies, or even pinwheels are all considered vintage. You can also stick with more of a baby vibe by including wooden baby blocks, dolls with open and closing eyes, wind-up toys, fancy rattles, glass bottles, cloth diapers, diaper pins, baby bonnets, etc.

baby 2Centrepieces – A simple centrepiece for tables is to take 2-4 peony blooms and put them in a quart mason jar. The blooms are large enough to create a stunning centrepiece without needing more blooms. If you don’t want the look of the clear mason jar you can wrap it in a piece of burlap or brown Kraft paper. Another centrepiece idea, which can be incorporated with flowers of just on their own, is to create a centrepiece of pinwheels. Paper pinwheels are very simple to make and you can easily find instructions online.

Favors – this is a new trend in which you should have no problem finding personalized vintage baby shower favors online. If you would like to make your own vintage baby shower favors the easiest way to do that is to fill a small mason jar with some kind of candy. Choose one vintage element for your baby shower or design your entire baby shower theme around it. What is the most difficult choice to make when planning a vintage baby shower? Decorations, food, beverages, favors, etc. For some great ideas on baby gift ideas and personalised baby gifts check out

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